Департамент Международных отношений Бакинского Государственного Университета

Brief History of BSU

Established under the decree of the Parliament of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic on September 1st, 1919 as the first higher educational establishment in Muslim East, Baku State University is the leading scientific, educational and cultural center in the Republic. The first rector of the University, professor of Kazan University, the prominent surgeon V.I.Razumovskiy appraises the event as “the eternal flame at the crossroads of East and West”.

Such great Azerbaijani writers as Abdurrahim bay Hagverdiyev, Taghi Shahbazi, the outstanding orientalist professors P.K.Juze and A.O.Makolevskiy, the professor of law A.O.Michel,  the distinguished professor of  Mathematics L.G.Lopatinskiy, the prominent chemist Mohsun Khanlarov and others have been affiliated as the University staff. Baku State University has educated many notable alumni, including the National Leader Heydar Aliyev, our prominent compatriot, Nobel Prize Winner, Lev Landau, the renowned scholar Yusif Mammadaliyev, and a number of eminent scientists, and public and political figures.

Being appraised as “the national treasure of the Azerbaijani people” by the Nationwide Leader Heydar Aliyev, Baku State University is marked as the symbol of our moral dignity. Within the years of its existence the University has played prominent roles in the formation of national intelligentsia, science and self-consciousness in the Republic, as well as in the progress of Azerbaijan’s international recognition. Baku State University nobly accomplishes the mission of university which is considered to be the barometer of economical, cultural and intellectual level of any country.

The University enrolls over 20 thousand students offering 57 specializations under bachelor and 190 under Masters’ degree education.  4000 employees and 1500 professors including  200 supreme state medal and order laureates,  20 real and associate members of ANAS, 12 deputees to Milli Majlis, 5 State Award laureates, 30 honoured scientists, 300 doctors of science, over 800 PhDs and associate professors make up the university staff.  Today, Baku State University operates 17 faculties, 125 chairs, 2 highly-equipped research institutes, 3 research centres and 24 research laboratories. The successive advance of science and education at the university is the ultimate fruit of the recent reforms. 30 most successful students in entrance examinations study under Presidential scholarship. BSU was ranked among 700 top universities by QS World University Rankings – 2011, one of the most notable agencies of the world.

Baku State University has taken up the same mission in the progress of national consciousness, science, enlightenment of the Azerbaijani people as Athens University has accomplished for the Greek, Sorbonne University for the French and Cambridge University for the English people.

Presently, multiprofile Baku State University is made up of 17 faculties that offer 60 specializations under bachelor and 37 under masters’ degree in three languages (Azerbaijani, Russian and English). Students of BSU study 14 world languages. Alongside with fundamental sciences like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology,  the University has introduced such novel specializations as Information Law, History of Caucasian Peoples, Green Chemistry, Media and Communication Systems, TV and Radio Broadcasting  Management, Integrational Management of Water Resources, Biodiversity and Environmental Protection, Bioecology etc.

Baku State University Ⓒ 2017
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